Hello world!

Welcome to my little corner of the web!

My name is Dawn and I am a


What’s a makergoddess? I’m so glad you asked! A makergoddess can make just about anything from next to nothing. I turn wooden bowls and an occasional pen or pencil. I create jewelry pieces. No, I don’t actually make the beads, well not in a mass quantity, not yet. I’ve dabbled in making clay beads. That hasn’t turned out too bad so far. My husband wants me to branch out and make glass and wooden beads now. Hence the lathe on which I now primarily turn bowls and shallow dishes and the multiple propane torches he leeringly eyeballs at the local hardware store. What I make best, though, is worlds with words. I’m a writer, by hobby for the moment, and I have so many stories to share! Some true, some not so true, some a little mix of both.

Is there anything a makergoddess can’t make? Well, not wanting to speak for the whole of the deities, this particular makergoddess is absolute rubbish at making the dogs in our house behave! It’s very sad, but very true, and lucky for me, stories abound from this misfortune!


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