The clouds knitted together so thickly the sun could not break through. The usual air traffic flew well below the silver grey blanket in the sky. A light breeze whispered across my face as the sounds of happy childhood filled my ears.

Only two more hours, I tell myself as I canvas the throngs of children running from one set of playground equip to the next across this large field. I only have two more hours to teach them all that is teachable today. An impossible task to some, my everyday life to me.

Every school day I perform to an eager crowd. Children who greedily gobble up every bit of new knowledge I have to offer them that day. There are passages to read, math problems to solve and tests to take. Great exercise for the most important muscle in their little bodies.

But not now. Now it is recess time. No sums to swim in their heads and count on their fingers. No verbs to conjugate from present to past tense and back. Their imaginations abound as they run and scream and laugh.

They are rejuvenated. I am rejuvenated. Only two more hours and I am ready, I tell myself and smile.


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