She waited

She checked her watch again for the third time since she sat down. Only three minutes had passed since the last time she checked. She tugged at the hem on her skirt, fighting a losing battle to straighten or even lengthen it. Why did I wear a skirt tonight, she asked herself as she tried to cross her nylon enveloped legs without showing too much. Slacks would probably have been fine. She waited.

She was always early to things like this. She much preferred arriving with time to spare rather than having to drive like a maniac and hoping to be on time. There was still time to leave, she noted on her fourth check of her watch. Why are the minutes moving so slowly? she asked herself staring at her seemingly unmoving watch. There was enough time to get up and out to her car before the appointed time. Still she waited.

He’ll be late, she thought as she twisted her ring almost to the point of leaving marks on her finger. One more glance at her watch told her she was now out of time. Two minutes to go, no escaping now. She bit her lip and waited.

She could feel all eyes in the room on her as small beads of sweat started to form at her temples. It was time: the time they agreed upon over the phone and still she was alone. Still she waited.

I knew this was a mistake she yelled at herself after looking at her watch and seeing it was now fifteen minutes past the appointed time. She got up, gathered her nerve to leave and wiping a small tear from her eye, made small, slow steps toward the door.

He stood in the doorway watching her.

She looked up when she felt his stare.

As their eyes met he smiled that brilliant smile she loved so much. His eyes danced at the sight of her and she blushed, looking away at first then turning toward him with an angel’s smile.

He made large strides toward her as she stood still almost prettified in her spot. He was late, he knew it, and he had to make up for lost time.

With no sense of regret now she allowed him to swallow her up in a tight, loving embrace. No feeling in the world was better than his arms around her.

He bent down and gave her a kiss that said he was sorry, that she would never wait like that for him ever again. “You have the key?” he asked her softly as he let go of her lips.

She nodded, unable to speak. She wanted him to kiss her like that again.
If he were not holding her so tight she knew she wouldn’t have had the strength to stand on her own two feet.

“Let’s go then,” he said gently taking her hand and leading her out of the bar toward the elevator.

She didn’t say a word, as they moved past tables of lone drinkers, she didn’t have to. He was here now and all was right in her world.

She followed behind her husband as he led her up to their hotel room for their first secret rendezvous in more than twenty-three years. She was glad she had waited.


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