Dawn Time

Well that was rather narcissistic of me, now wasn’t it?

You have to hand it to autocorrect software. See, I was going to title this piece ‘Down Time’, but by some twist of (or twisted) fate the o was replaced by the a. I mean they’re not even in the same neighborhood on a qwerty board so how did that happen?

I was going to begin tonight’s offering by asking a question. If you are a woman, with a family and a full-time, salary position, when is the last time you read a magazine? I mean really read it, cover to cover and actually remembered the content of at least half, if not most of what you read?

I did that tonight. I sat down with a magazine I haven’t read in years! I think the last time I read this magazine must have been 1990, before I started working full time, before the boys came along even.

Tonight I sat alone: no boys, no dogs, no husband, and most importantly, no TV. Naturally I flipped to the articles on the cover that drew me to purchase the magazine first, just in case I was interrupted by my cell phone or I got tired or bored.

None of the above happened and I had two completely uninterrupted hours to read, and read I did! Every syllable of every article.

It was a complete and utter indulgence. Yes, I had other more pressing things to do but I didn’t give in to their urgings to be completed. (Yes I just made that word up! I’m a writer. Writer’s do that.) I now feel more rejuvenated from the ‘Dawn’ time, the me time that I so rarely give myself, and never in such a large block, that I can return to my regularly scheduled, multitasking life with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye.

Be good to yourself. Take the down time your brain, your body, is crying out for. Indulge just this once in something so complete unproductive that it causes you to giggle to be doing it.


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