Comments? Comments, please!

I admit it. I am a newbie. I feel much too old to be a newbie, but in this blogosphere universe that is exactly what I am. As most newbies I have many questions that need, no, demand to be answered. For now, let’s tackle the subject of comments.

Why does a writer write? For their own satisfaction? No, that would make him a journaler, one who only commits one’s thoughts to paper to get them out of his head. For money? More than likely not. I am quickly finding that it can take years to be even recognized as a good writer, more before you ascend to the ranks of an accomplished writer: one who is paid, and paid well, for plying their trade. So what’s left?


Why does an actor or musician get on stage, even when they feel they have nothing left to give? Feedback. It is the acceptance of the audience, signified by their applause at the finale, that keeps the performer going. So it stands to reason that a writer will continue to pour their very soul into their writing when given even just adequate feedback.

In this realm of blogs the feedback most sought after would have to be comments to their posts, be it daily, or every other day, or once a month. However often they post on their blog, a writer wants to know their words have been read and have made a difference to someone, anyone, in some way either great or small.

Thus comes my question: why do I not have comments under my posts? I have been very blessed by many of you in the two weeks since I first started this blog. I have been followed by people from all over the world now and it does my heart such good to know people enjoy reading my offerings. When I get a follow notification I happily click the link to read that person’s blog. I have read some wonderful posts by some awesome writers (many barely older than my oldest child, mind) and the first thing I notice, the largest difference between my post and theirs, is comments.

If you have gotten this far and haven’t decided to flee my little corner of the Internet after all, please leave me a comment. Let me know you stopped by, what you thought as you read my musings, or what you think I could do to improve my posts to ensure more comments.

I hope to hear from you very soon! 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. TheOthers1
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 19:48:21

    I understand your frustration. It took a long time before I got comments. There for a while it was the people who had followed me from another blogging site I was on and they didn’t always comment. I knew they read though. What increased my comments was when I started going around reading other people’s blogs and commenting and then people came. They’ll come. 🙂


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