10 a.m. Epiphany

I’ve heard of epiphanies, but had never truly experienced one before.

I’ve heard it is a completely surreal experience; that you feel an overwhelming calm sensation throughout your whole body.

It’s like an unearthly, omnipotent presence has enveloped you and planted the thought in your head, they say. Time stands still and you aren’t aware of the actions and sounds of others around you.

You are frozen in that moment, perhaps the most wonderful moment of your life, I’ve heard them recount, when everything you’ve ever done or said finally makes perfect sense. When your true path is laid out for you in dazzling light and all you need do is take that first trepidatious step.

I had an epiphany yesterday. I believe it was around ten o’clock, I’m not exactly sure of the exact time. In that moment time had no meaning, though I do realize it was only a moment, a very brief encounter with clarity.

I did not hear the sounds going on around me. I did not see the movement that was all around. I was calm. I’m not even sure I breathed in that small moment. I simply remember hearing a thought, whispered in the recesses of my mind, the idea washing over me like a soft spring ocean wave.

I felt cleansed. I felt freed of guilt and obligation and responsibility even. I knew this thought was right and it was right for me, right at this time in my life, in my career.

Now to action.

The path I saw in that brief moment of vision will take a couple of years at best to come to fruition, but it is an achievable goal. One I am now eager to embrace and quickly.

Having had that moment of truth, a brief encounter with the infinite, I believe I can finally put everything in my life into a better perspective. I have been freed of day to day trivialities and have a much healthy attitude as a whole person.

If you have never experienced this euphoric feeling, I hope that you do some day. I also hope that you take from it the peace, joy, and tranquility of mind that I have.


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