What to Post and Where?

Guest posting on someone else’s blog is such a great honor, one I’d like to achieve some day. Some of you may already hold that honor. Maybe you can help then.

I recently read the guest post application on a very prestigious writing blog. One of the conditions for being considered is that one not ‘recycle’ posts that were already on our own blogs. That makes sense, but it also begs a question.

When do you know what to post on your own blog and what you want to have published elsewhere, either on another blog, or dare I say, for pay even?

As writers we want to share our thoughts with the world. It’s more of need, really. Blogs seem to be the quickest way to allow our mental wanderings to touch others. I medium I am now very grateful for.

Now that I have my blog up and running I have found that when I get an idea, I jot down some notes quickly, and as soon as I find two seconds to rub together I run with that idea. As a result I have a few posts stored in this program that are just notes of ideas to expand upon, or posts in the half written stage. In this way I am certain to be able to post something new everyday.

Not everything I post on my blog is a great read, a real page turner, or even a slightly exciting post (like this one for instance), but there have been some pretty darn good ones and I sometimes think after I’ve hit the button to publish that there goes one I could have put on someone else’s blog.

Ok, so maybe not often. All right, you got me! It was just once, but still the dilemma remains. Post to my blog, send it off to someone else hoping they will like it enough to post it on their blog, or send it off to a company in hopes of it being actually printed.

What would you do?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Naomi Baltuck
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 00:01:58

    I wish I could advise you. I still feel new to blogging as well–I am not really very technically savvy or even inclined that way, and feel accomplished to be posting my own blog once a week. I will keep my ears open for you. In my writing organization, if someone needs a break or is having trouble keeping up with the blog, she puts out a message on the group website calling for volunteers. They are usually looking for someone who wants to plug a new release. I think letting your fellow bloggers know that you are interested in guest blogging is a good start. Good luck.


  2. TheOthers1
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 09:20:14

    I’ve never thought about guest posting before so this isn’t really something that’s ever crossed my mind. I can see the benefits of guest posting on someone’s sites, I just haven’t given it enough thought really. I always think that if someone asked me to guest post, I’d be able to come up with something new to offer them. My hope is they give me some kind of idea of what they may be looking for so that aids in the process, but I’d like to think something would come to me.


    • makergoddess
      Feb 27, 2012 @ 16:31:08

      This particular site I referenced said to email our ideas for what we’d like to post or the actual post itself.

      I think, as you do, that were I asked to write something for someone else, given at least a theme if not a precise idea, I’m certain I could come up with something new.

      It’s when I’m not specifically tasked that I have a hard time deciding once I’ve written a piece if I should keep it (on my blog) or share it (someone else’s blog).

      Thanks for given it some thought and commenting. 🙂


    • makergoddess
      Feb 27, 2012 @ 20:50:16

      I had a great reply earlier today. I hit reply and while my phone was thinking about it I accidentally touched the much too sensitive touch screen and it went back to your comment, completely erasing my comment.

      Naturally as soon as I realized it was gone digitally, it was also gone mentally. So, I am replying, just not on topic! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


    • makergoddess
      Feb 28, 2012 @ 20:25:20

      Now I remember! I said that the website I mentioned tells us to submit our idea or even our complete submission for a guest post consideration. They do not specifically ask for types of posts.

      I believe, like you, that were I to be asked to do a guest post piece, then I could come up with something original on the spot. No doubt if someone asked me to write something they’d have an idea of what they wanted.

      Not being asked, I don’t know what to submit or to keep. There’s my dilemma.


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