The story that didn’t win

I have been asked a couple of times, on this blog and in other venues, about the story I submitted for the February Love Story contest that I spoke of trimming in my “Deleting is Painful…” article.

Since that contest has ended with my not garnering even so much as an honorable mention, I suppose it would be ok for me to post it here.

Enjoy. 🙂

The Proposal

Garth sat in front of Chandra. He gently placed his hands on her face and pulled her toward him for a tender kiss. “I love you,” he whispered over her lips, pulling back just far enough for his lips to be out of reach of hers. This wasn’t the first time he had professed his love for her in the two months since they started dating.

Chandra loved this very romantic attention and reached for another kiss rather than requite his proclamation of love. Her heart was ready to accept and requite his love, her body ached for more of the fabulous sensations his kisses were causing, but her brain stubbornly remained stoic in it’s attempt to protect her from certain heart break.

Garth knew Chandra loved him, he absolutely knew it! He just had to get her to say it so that she would know it too, so that her brain could accept what her heart was telling her. He kissed her again, then whispered over her lips, “I…” When she remained silent, Garth leaned in and kissed her again, tenderly with only a temptation of passion, then said, “I….” again trying to draw the words out.

This time Chandra answered, “I…” and waited for another fantastically moving kiss.

Garth eagerly complied and then said, “love….” He smiled just inches away from her face, as he continued to gently hold it, waiting for her to say the word.

“love…..” she hesitantly repeated, but eagerly anticipating another kiss. What’s happening!? her brain screamed. Only what needs to happen, her heart happily sang back.

Garth once again kissed Chandra and then whispered, “you” which Chandra repeated without hesitation this time. She had just barely gotten the word out of her mouth when he took siege of it kissing her deeply. Her insides completely melted by the wave of passion cascading every cell in her body.

Garth pulled back slightly and whispered over her lips, “I love you.” This time Chandra requited without hesitation. Garth, excited that he had drawn the words out of her, that she was finally accepting what she had felt for him all this time, kissed her again so deeply Chandra knew she would have melted to the floor were it not for the fact that they were sitting down.

He pulled back and let go of her face so that he could look at her. He wanted, he needed, to see the love shining in her eyes as she finally, definitively admitted what he knew she had felt all this time. He stared into her eyes and slowly, confidently said, “I love you.” Garth’s heart swelled as he saw the glow on her face and watched her hazel eyes start to turn a light shade of blue as she requited his love. Now is the time, he told himself.

Chandra stifled a small yawn, trying to hide how tired she truly was. She had been up late with homework the night before and still had to be in to work to open the store this morning. Her body clock was starting to ring in her pumpkin hour and for once she truly hated her early schedule. Chandra wanted to stay in this moment with Garth forever. Her heart had won out over her head and she was so full of love and joy and tingly sensations that she didn’t want to ever end.

Garth couldn’t stop smiling if he tried. His angel loved him, admitted not just to him, but to herself that she loved him. “Let’s get you home,” he whispered and stood up next to her. Garth put out a beckoning hand and she took it smiling up at him. He led her out of the building to the parking lot where he stopped suddenly.

Chandra, confused, turned and stood in front of Garth. As she did he slowly let go of her hand. He didn’t want her to feel pressured in her answer but he had to ask her a question, a very special question, and he had to do it now, even in this most unromantic setting. She looked up at him questioningly. Staring down into her eyes now, Garth shouted, “Will you marry me?”

Chandra staggered back slightly. She hadn’t expected a proposal, not at that volume, and certainly not standing in the middle of the parking lot. Stunned though she was, before her brain had time to deliberate over the question, “Yes!” she shouted from the heart, matching Garth’s excitement.

Garth let out a happy gasp. He was in love with a perfect angel, she was in love with him too, and now they would be together forever. He wrapped his arms around her and bent down to kiss her passionately. “Now, let’s get you home,” Garth said as he released her lips. Letting go of her with just one arm he walked her home. They walked the short distance in silence though both were beaming as brightly as the full moon that lit their path across the field back to her parents’ house.

Garth did not come in. He knew he had to let her go get some sleep. Standing on the doorstep he wrapped his other arm around her, bent down and kissed her tenderly, then whispered, “I love you, Mrs. Bryce.”

Chandra could feel her heart nearly leap out of her chest she was so in love with this incredible, gorgeous man that was promising his life to her. “I love you, too,” she whispered blushing softly. She sighed as she watched him walk back across the field toward his barracks.

Chandra had a well timed yawn as she walked inside the house. Her parents were in the living room watching TV. She called goodnight to them almost halfway down the hallway to her bedroom. Chandra changed for bed and sleepily climbed in. She let out a happy sigh as she snuggled into her pillow. “Mrs. Garth Bryce,” she happily whispered to herself as she closed her eyes and dreamed of their wedding day.

Garth made it back to his barracks in record time. She said yes! his mind kept shouting over and over. He knew she loved him, but wouldn’t let himself believe she would actually say yes. He hoped she would, he wanted, needed, her to, but it was too much to just expect that she would.

“You did it, didn’t you?” Wesley asked Garth as soon as he saw the look on the young man’s face. “You asked her to marry you, didn’t you?” Garth simply nodded at his friend as he got undressed. “She said yes?” Wesley didn’t want to assume. Garth grinned from ear to ear as he climbed into his bunk. “So when’s the happy day?”

“We haven’t set a date yet,” Garth said thoughtfully before laying down. “It can’t be too soon for me, though. Tomorrow works!” he winked at his friend. “Better check her schedule first I imagine.” Garth laughed at his friend’s shocked look then rolled over signaling the end of their conversation. Garth went to sleep that night happily thinking of his beautiful angel and the day that she would be taking his name and be his forever.


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