Write, write, write some more

Teacher: “Class what do we do when we are finished writing and still have more writing time?”

All: “We write, write, write some more!”

Our District Learning Schedule states that students should write everyday during Writers Workshop. That does not mean that they must produce a completed piece everyday, merely that they must be engaged in the act of writing everyday.

I, too, make certain to write everyday. Oh yes I do! Even if I only have fifteen minutes of quiet at any given point of the day (not on the job naturally) I make sure I am writing or reading over something I wrote earlier to either add, edit, or just confirm the story still flows.

I once read that in today’s technological age if you want to be an accomplished writer, a published author you absolutely have to have a blog. “Get your thoughts out there, develop a readership that will be eager to buy your published novel.” So that makes sense. How can you expect people to lay down $15 for a (hard bond) book unless they know it is going to be a good read? How will people know a book you wrote is going to be a good read unless they see your work before they purchase your book? Makes perfect sense to establish a blog, so I did.

Now the conundrum I find myself in. When I have those few minutes should I write for the blog, write on my novels (I have several in works at the moment. I did tell you I have ADD, right?), or write for submission?

I feel that if I do not write for my blog everyday then I will lose readers. I feel that if I don’t give time to my novels they will never get finished and eventually published. I feel that if I don’t do more submissions (for pay or not) I’ll never know if I can quit my day job.

The past two days my blog was quiet, but I did indeed write! I wrote on my novels. I wrote notes that I could use later to expand into a story advancing scene.

I think the answer is that I just need a couple of clones of myself. One can be the housewife and mother, the other can be the full time teacher, and that will leave me to be the full time writer who has time to write for the blog, the novels, and for submission. 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TheOthers1
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 16:05:38

    So complicated! I think dedicated readers will still come to this site even if you don’t post everyday. I just Pick the thing that needs done right now and get the rest done after. Hopefully the reader will just hang in there. Good luck getting everything done.


    • makergoddess
      Mar 11, 2012 @ 17:02:17

      My friend said, “Novels, novels!” in response to this post. She said if I don’t finish my novels I’ll not get published. She said she always wanted to know a best selling author and then that author could take her friends on a cruise with all the earnings from book sales. LOL If only, right? 🙂


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