Chase Me

Bonnie was full of joy and loved to play with her family. Her favorite game was called ‘chase me’. She sat up straight on the back of the couch watching Mom walk past her with an armful of laundry. Bonnie scampered across the tile floor of the kitchen until she caught up to Mom in the laundry room.

Mom had just deposited the clothes into the laundry basket when Bonnie reached her. Bonnie sat still, looking up at Mom, trying to get her attention. Look at me Mom! Aren’t I cute? Let’s play! Mom did not notice Bonnie as she turned the dial to start the washing machine. When Mom turned around to get the clothes she needed to wash, Bonnie pulled a sock from the laundry basket and dropped it at Mom’s feet. “Let me have that little girl,” Mom said reaching down to get the sock so she could put it in the washing machine with the rest if the dirty laundry.

Bonnie clutched the dirty sock in her small mouth and fled the laundry room toward the living room. When she got to there, Bonnie sat behind the couch and laid the sock onto the floor in front of her. Come and get it Mom; come get the sock!

“Now Bonnie, I need to wash that sock too. Let me have it,” Mom said bending over to try to pick it up. Bonnie’s corkscrew curled tail began to wag and her tiny, velvety black, floppy ears perked up when Mom spoke. Her mouth opened wide in what seemed to be a smile, showing her tiny, white teeth when she heard her name.

Before Mom was able to get her hands on the sock in front of Bonnie, the little, tan, pug puppy had it in her black trimmed mouth and was off running again. Her ears were flopping up and down on her head as her tiny paws scampered through the living room, under tables and around chairs. Her favorite game of ‘chase me’ had begun.



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  1. TheOthers1
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 16:50:03

    Super cute. Only I’ve chased my dog around trying to retrieve something he’s swiped so I know how uncute it can be. But D’aw cute. 🙂


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