Tricky Apps and fat fingers

This is just a quick rant, well quick for one as long winded as I am. If you’re not in the mood to hear an old lady complain about new fangled technology, then you’ll want to skip to the end.

Summer break has begun, and like some teachers I find more time for other interests in my life – the job is much too time consuming during the school year leaving little time for anything else, let alone my family’s needs. With my new found free time I decided to plunge back into my writing. In doing so I am reconnecting through twitter and beginning to post on my blog more often.

At the recent writers conference I attended, one of the presenters said there was inspiration, little nuggets, for stories all around us. I knew that, but was letting these seed ideas fall on barren land as the demands of my job mounted in the dash toward the end of the year.

When I started my blog months ago, I found a handy app for my smart phone from which I could monitor my blog as well as post entries. Inspiration is everywhere as the instructor said, but time to do something with it has always been quite another thing. I took to jotting down my ideas – a word, a phrase, or even a complete sentence – in the new post section of the app. I learned quickly that if I hit ‘cancel’ the program was smart enough to ask you if you wanted to save the draft or delete it. I saved them and once the time was available I opened it back up, wrote, and posted my new entries. What could be simpler, more convenient??

Now fast forward to the last two days. I have written so much on so many different subjects – not all posted here, yet, patience dear readers – that I was giddy from the intoxication of well written prose. Inspiration came at me fast and furious and I had to start jotting the ideas down before my head spun off into oblivion. Now enter the problem.

Yes, I have a smart phone, but it’s operator isn’t as wise as my years would compel you to believe. When I type in a seed title and my fat finger (thumb actually), guided by eyes that should be wearing glasses, hits ‘publish’ rather than ‘cancel’ I think my smart phone should realize I wasn’t really ready to send it out into cyberspace! Visions of a pouting little girl in pigtails stamping her foot and hollering at the winning team, “But I wasn’t ready!” come immediately to mind.

That, dear readers is why in the past two days you have seen status updates and tweets inviting you to come peruse my latest musings only to find the post not there. For this I do sincerely apologize and hope that I will remember to reach for my reading glasses before I reach for my phone the next time inspiration dances in front of me. Or, failing that, maybe I can teach my smart phone the boundless reaches of my gob and make it question if I really want to upload a blog entry less than 700 words.

Again, thank you for your patience with my technological ineptness. I will have another blog post for you soon. 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Naomi Baltuck
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 20:48:20

    Join the club! I finally attempted, after seven months of blogging, to put my picture on my profile! I guess we’ll both get where we’re going…………………….eventually!


    • makergoddess
      Jun 29, 2012 @ 16:47:21

      I’m so glad you did! You look lovely!

      I have always been a ‘gadget geek’ (remember the first electronic handheld Hi-Q game in the early ’80s? Yeah, I had one!).

      As long as I can operate it, it’s good, if I can’t figure it, or make it work the way I think it needs to work, then it’s a dumb machine or stupid program – even if it’s a matter of operator error. LOL


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