A Moment in Time

I provided a feast to nature’s blood suckers tonight. As I sit here writing I count no less than six mosquito bites on each arm, two through my t-shirt sleeves. My nerves are twitching from the irritation below my skin but I don’t care. I am in awe surrounded by love tonight.

Earlier, my husband stepped into our darkened backyard to check on our three dogs. Our oldest son stood at the sink washing the dinner dishes, it was his turn, while I prepared tomorrow night’s meal to be oven ready when I get home from work. I had just measured out the first seasoning when I heard my husband bellow from the back room. “Come here, quick!”

I dashed out thinking something was wrong, but when I saw him standing in the middle of the yard, no injury to him or the dogs running around his feet I was perplexed to say the least. He beckoned me out further, to stand right beside him. “Look up,” he said. I could hear the smile in his voice as I looked up at the first artful streak of lightning I saw spread in the night sky over the roof of our house.

We stayed out there, arms around each other, enjoying nature’s magic light show for several minutes. Then I realized, the boys haven’t seen lightning like this before. I called to each and in typical teenage fashion, they grumbled at the door wondering why I had summoned them from their apparently more important tasks.

The light show continued for at least five more minutes before I even felt the first of my savage bites. “Time to go inside, isn’t it?” my husband asked as I began rubbing at my welt covered arms. I agreed and just before we turned to walk back inside, Mother Nature waved one more beautiful streak across the clouds as if to say good night.

What a wonderful way to start the school/work week, an impromptu family moment centered around nature’s beauty. Have a wonderful week everyone!

PS – No, we didn’t get any rain. The squall was moving away from us, toward the west I think. The rumbling, booming thunder and pelting sheets of rain on the roof would have only been gravy! 🙂

Can you tell I like storms?


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