An Interesting Article

Abby Nelson, who works with, recently contacted me about an article they published titled New Year – New Opportunities! Which Nanny Industry Conference Should I Attend?

While I agreed that the need for reliable childcare is certainly on the rise, I told her I did not believe that I get much traffic from working parents of young children on my blog. Or people looking to start a new career as a nanny for that matter.

But then I got to thinking. How do I know whom I have following me? I mean really know. The other day my neighbor teacher, the one in the classroom next door to mine, mentioned that she was applying to become a nanny during our school breaks. I’ve taught next door to her for years and never would have thought she would do something like that. She is one who could benefit from an article like this.

I promised Abby that I would mention the article on my blog in the near future, but was dubious that it would get the readership traffic she was expecting, or even hoping for.

Again, how can I judge that? If I set up my tag line just right, maybe someone will put in the right words into the search engine that will cause my blog to pop up and gain exposure for her company, not to mention, my blog as well. The Internet is a marvelous thing! I was narrow minded to think that only my followers would see the link to their article.

If you are interested in becoming a Nanny, or finding one, or just curious about what a Nanny conference is all about, please click on the article link. It’s embedded in my post. I will also add it to the side bar for future reference. Tell Abby I sent you. 🙂



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