We all have them, all of us, everyday. As children we expect that bumble bee in our closed palms to be quite content and not sting us before we are able to show off our prize capture. What a disappointment we feel when the insect’s survival instinct kicks in and we are forced to pry open the jail bars to tend to our wound.

Children tend to have unreal expectations, but the funny thing is, I don’t think we ever really outgrow holding onto a few unreal expectations all throughout life.

The brazen graduate expects to walk into a six-digit salary before the ink on their degree is even dry. The blushing young bride expects a smooth-sailing happily ever after with no effort required. The mature parents expect their empty nest to remain empty and not have to raise those wonderful little children that made them grandparents. Ok, so maybe that one isn’t so unrealistic.

While on our trip to the UK this past Spring I took pictures of just about every public toilet I visited because of how different they were in some way to American public toilets. You may have seen the post. (scroll down if not)

The thing that struck me as particularly interesting was the lack of graffiti. In America, you see writing on stall walls in all sorts of establishments, but not in any of the ones I visited over there, save this one:


I thought it intriguing that the one and only act of graffiti I witnessed was such a profound statement that it truly has changed my life, for the better.

One of the biggest problem with expectations may be in not realizing you have them or that they have been set at such an unreasonable level that anything or anyone can and will let you down. But once you can realize you have them, or see that they are far and above any sense of reality, let them go.

Do not expect your friends or your spouse to make you happy, be happy with yourself and you will be happy when you are with others. Do not expect someone to call and offer you that millionaire job, go out and search for it. Learn to admire the bumble bee from afar.

It is ok to have expectations, I’m not saying we shouldn’t. Just don’t let them rule your life, do not lose your cool when they don’t come to fruition. Sit back, regroup, then ask yourself why things didn’t turn out the way you expected. Was that bar just a bit too high for even Black Beauty to jump?

Take off the rose tinted glasses, get a reality check, and you will be pleased to see that it’ll all come right in the end.


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