Published Articles

The following are links to articles that have been published in the Southeastern Writers Association Newsletter The Purple Pros. Once in the newsletter, please scroll down until you see my article. The name of each article has been listed beside its publish date.

March 2012 Deleting is Painful, But it Gets Better!

April 2012 Writing is a Blood Sport

May 2012 Making a Name For Yourself

June 2012 The Long and Short of Things

July 2012 Back to My Roots

October 2012: Write, Write, Write some more!

November 2012: Life Changes

December 2012 My Archenemy

February 2013: Networking

March 2013 Why Am I Meeting You?

May 2013 Did I Read That Right?

June 2013 Epworth By the Sea

The following are newsletters from my elementary school. I wrote the second grade article in each.

CLE October Newsletter

CLE December newsletter


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